Grand First Principal Words


I thank you very much for the confidence you have shown in my abilities and am humbled to be elected and installed as Grand Zerubbabel. The purpose of any organization is to have the noble intention of making a difference in not only the lives of its members but also making a difference in society. Becoming a Mason and particularly being a Royal Arch Mason should and does, in so many ways, inspire us to commit ourselves to that higher purpose and commitment. “Commitment is the glue that bonds you to your goals.” (author Jill Koenig). To that end, support of our charity, the Fraser Recovery Program, continues for another mandate. To learn more, visit

The Working Tools of a Royal Arch Mason are the Crowbar, the Pick-ax and the Spade. “The Crowbar is used by Operative Masons to raise things of great weight and bulk; the Pick-Ax to loosen the soil, and prepare it for digging; and the Spade to remove rubbish. But as Royal Arch Masons we are emblematically taught to use them for more noble purposes”.

In the midst of the Pandemic, we, Masons of Quebec, have a lot of work ahead of us. Royal Arch Masons have an advantage, however, as we are taught that by hard work, innovation and perseverance any job approached and attempted, is worthwhile.

Our primary goals should be:

• Maintain communication, get our Chapters opened when permitted and set meetings and communicate.

• Reach out to our Companions and new members and anticipate their needs.

• Communicate by Virtual ZOOM meetings, email, newsletters or even old fashion phone trees.

• Once Chapters are opened, make sure the meeting rooms are clean, sanitized and well prepared. Set up Educational programs.

Membership is so very important. Our new members come from only one place. Our own Lodges! Get involved there. Become a candidate’s coach, mentor your new officers, talk about Royal Arch. How else will they be aware of what the Royal Arch offers? I believe that every Master Mason should be a Royal Arch Mason. They owe it to themselves as Masons, to learn the rest of the story.

Your Grand Officers want to hear from you. Your Superintendents are there and available to answer your questions and listen to your ideas.

I wish you all the best in the coming years. I look forward to meeting each of you when we can jump in the car and meet in chapter. In the meantime, see you on ZOOM!!



Most Excellent Companion

Michel Vigeant, 

Grand First Principal