Grand First Principal Words



     I humbly wish to express my profound
gratitude to all Royal Arch Masons of Quebec for having elected me as your Grand First Principal. I thank you for your faith and
confidence in my ability to lead the Grand
Chapter of Quebec for the year to come and I thank those who are able to show me their

     I would like to extend a special thank you to: Grand Master Peter Pascalli of the Grand Lodge
of Quebec AM & FM. I would also like to include Grand First Principal Paraag Suchak, Grand
Second Principal George Fairbairn and Grand Director of Ceremonies Brampston Gushway
from the Grand Chapter of Canada in the Province of Ontario. This list would not be complete
without the mention of “Grand High Priest” Jason Sheridan and “Past Grand High Priest” Piers
Vaughan of the Grand Chapter of the State of New York; who touched me deeply. I, in turn,
will administer and promote the interests of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of
Quebec with my utmost ability.

     This current year will focus on the overall health of fellowship. As Royal Arch Masons, are we
not rebuilders?

     • The first step is to encourage companions to return to their chapters.
     • The second step is based on communication. We need to convince master masons to
       continue their masonic journey within the York Rite but, more specifically, Royal Arch
     • The final step, and most important, is to build around two fundamental values:
       fraternity and respect for tradition.

     It is important for freemasons to remember the tools inculcated in the former degrees and find a subtle balance with all their undertakings. The source for regenerating our chapters lay within the new talented master masons seeking further light. Thus, bringing into the light, my term motto:

“Bringing Royal Arch Masonry back to life in Quebec”

     Companions, may the Divine Providence open the door of a new day for the Grand Chapter of
Royal Arch Masonry of Quebec and for all Royal Arch Masonry in general.

Most Excellent Companion
Max F. Anglade
Grand First Principal of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masonry of Quebec